Online car market in India is booming at a radical pace, but still not many of the car dealers have online presence. But among the very few who have online presence,  Car Craze Automorvel ranks on top.Car Craze Automorvelis based in Ghatkopar, a Suburb of Mumbai. It’s owned by Devang H. Shah, and has completed 20 years in this industry.
Ever sinceCar Craze Automorvelcame into action, they have been among the leading car dealers in the market and have been selling as much as 30 cars in a month. With passing time Devang H. Shah decided to expand his business wings to new avenues and hence started dealing in used cars, used car registrations and car loans. This also got them great prominence as well as success. After this, to further magnify their success and to offer even better and advanced services to their targeted customers Car Craze Automorvel went online and expanded their reach.
Car Craze Automorvel along with its sister concern Peegasus Autotech will be offering the same services online as well, and will still remain one stop for all your car queries. Be it the car loans, used car registrations or buying or selling used cars, you now can avail all their services online as well. The services offered online will be as smooth as the services Car Craze Automorvel has been offering to their offline customers since 1996 when they started. So, you can be assured of legitimacy of the services offered.